The creative power of declaration, Sophie McLean

FeaturedAlbert Bonet interviewing Sophie McLean

I had just finished reading her book, The Elegance of Simplicity, when I filmed this interview with Sophie McLean at her house in the French Provence. The night before we had a very deep and expansive conversation, and I wanted to condense in an hour as much learnings as I could. Language creates our … Continue reading The creative power of declaration, Sophie McLean

Chernobyl and patriarchy

I watch Chernobyl and what I see is leaders in fear. A world constructed around lies that must be protected with more lies, with force, with blame and abuse. All to avoid responsibility. To avoid the courage it takes to let go of your armours and admit the truth. Because truth is only seen as … Continue reading Chernobyl and patriarchy

LGBT+ pride or courage?

This year's Pride in London has been the busiest ever, reportedly. Parties on streets, big stages, small stages, and a never-ending parade. I wonder if we could do better than feeling proud. When you look at David Hawkins's Map of Consciousness you see that the state of Pride is just under the level of Courage, … Continue reading LGBT+ pride or courage?

More need to be authentic is coming out, Connie-Lee Bennett

Connie-Lee Bennet trains people to be authentic leaders. With her 7 steps process to authenticity, she aims to empower humans to change the world. "We're talking about authenticity in terms of connecting people to love", she says. Imagine a world where our businesses were created from that authentic space of who we are rather than … Continue reading More need to be authentic is coming out, Connie-Lee Bennett

I am joy (book promo) My joyous friend Moni Rodriguez is publishing her book this summer, and she wanted to create a trailer to promote it. She had the idea and the place, and so we met at Regent's Park, London. When I arrived she had written beautiful ideas on her notebook. This was her story, and this was … Continue reading I am joy (book promo)

A kid called me “Mister”

View of the youth hostel Pic de l'Àliga, where I was called "Mister" for the first time. I took this picture from the ridge on the way to Puigmal peak, in the valley of Núria, in 2010. Part of my ego died the first time a child called me "Mister". I froze. The language the … Continue reading A kid called me “Mister”

I was a celebrity

Last week I visited my hometown, near Barcelona. On Saturday night I went to the bar, to attend the poetry festival that was taking place. The atmosphere grabbed my attention. This environment I had been away from for 6 years. While waiting for my friend, I stood there observing every detail. The gestures of people … Continue reading I was a celebrity

Beautifying yourself and products, Bernard Paes

Bernard Paes is an Entrepreneur and Creative Director. In his many years living in Dubai, he was managing his own advertising company. We discuss how authentic advertising is. How much "makeup" a fizzy drink advert needs in order to sell. There is a certain amount of makeup to beautify yourself in front of people or … Continue reading Beautifying yourself and products, Bernard Paes