Chernobyl and patriarchy

I watch Chernobyl and what I see is leaders in fear. A world constructed around lies that must be protected with more lies, with force, with blame and abuse. All to avoid responsibility. To avoid the courage it takes to let go of your armours and admit the truth. Because truth is only seen as the enemy by the enemies of truth. Obvious, right?

HBO’s miniseries about the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl is full of lessons about the inefficiency of the patriarchy with which humanity has been attempting to function for centuries.

Of course, a culture built over the foundations of pride and invulnerability uses lies, force, blame and abuse, which are far from power. There cannot be honesty. There cannot be authenticity. A culture where the main goal is to avoid shame cannot have authority, cannot have real power, because it lacks integrity.

I’m pleased to see stories that provide clarity around such important issues. Stories that speak about authenticity, that unveil truth, that honour the real servant leaders of this planet (who the mainstream media patriotically calls heroes). I’m pleased to see these lessons coming up in the media, because then it only takes a heartbeat to see the parallelism with everyday news. And then is when the shift happens.