In front and behind the camera

That's always been my dilemma. I was 19. After a summer contributing to a local radio station for the first time, I landed at my town's local radio. "Hi", I said, "I'd like to collaborate". "Great!", they replied, "Would you rather be in front of the microphone or behind the controls?". I couldn't make up … Continue reading In front and behind the camera

Today I’ve seen two sunsets

Today I’ve seen two sunsets. During takeoff, my birth sign was setting. And as the aircraft was gaining altitude, I saw it rising over the horizon once again. Over the Mediterranean-bathed golden coast, over a sea of clouds at inland Catalonia and finally setting behind the white mountain tops of the Pyrenees. It’s been the … Continue reading Today I’ve seen two sunsets

First Authentic Storytelling Training

Authentic Storytelling logo

The first Authentic Storytelling training workshop has been a success. Public speakers and entrepreneurs spent a day of activities and games about heart centred communication. It was a day of speaker training, of heart to heart connection, of exercises to work on our authenticity when we are speaking on stage and on camera. A cozy, … Continue reading First Authentic Storytelling Training

Eye contact

The powerful look of a child

I remember those dark times after I lost the light of infancy and before I accepted myself, when it was hard to look in the eye at certain people. Those people with piercing looks, who made me feel like they saw me as I really was, naked from those layers of fabricated fabulousness that I … Continue reading Eye contact

Songs that uplift us

It's easy to tune in and check if something resonates with you. Songs that open up our world, that calm the mind and open the heart. Songs that remind us of our inner truth, that allow us to reconnect to it and the immensity that comes with it.

Chernobyl and patriarchy

I watch Chernobyl and what I see is leaders in fear. A world constructed around lies that must be protected with more lies, with force, with blame and abuse. All to avoid responsibility. To avoid the courage it takes to let go of your armours and admit the truth. Because truth is only seen as … Continue reading Chernobyl and patriarchy

LGBT+ pride or courage?

This year's Pride in London has been the busiest ever, reportedly. Parties on streets, big stages, small stages, and a never-ending parade. I wonder if we could do better than feeling proud. When you look at David Hawkins's Map of Consciousness you see that the state of Pride is just under the level of Courage, … Continue reading LGBT+ pride or courage?

A kid called me “Mister”

View of the youth hostel Pic de l'Àliga, where I was called "Mister" for the first time. I took this picture from the ridge on the way to Puigmal peak, in the valley of Núria, in 2010. Part of my ego died the first time a child called me "Mister". I froze. The language the … Continue reading A kid called me “Mister”

I was a celebrity

Last week I visited my hometown, near Barcelona. On Saturday night I went to the bar, to attend the poetry festival that was taking place. The atmosphere grabbed my attention. This environment I had been away from for 6 years. While waiting for my friend, I stood there observing every detail. The gestures of people … Continue reading I was a celebrity