Today I’ve seen two sunsets

Today I’ve seen two sunsets. During takeoff, my birth sign was setting. And as the aircraft was gaining altitude, I saw it rising over the horizon once again. Over the Mediterranean-bathed golden coast, over a sea of clouds at inland Catalonia and finally setting behind the white mountain tops of the Pyrenees.

It’s been the most extraordinary spectacle I’ve ever witnessed from my beloved sun.

And it’s made me think of how unconditionally it shines its love over everything and everybody. How selflessly serves life and therefore all-that-is. How much joy it spreads over those who look for it. How many bodies and souls it warms up for absolutely nothing in return.

And off it goes, as it sets under that imaginary line that we call horizon, towards other people who expect it and need it just like us. Always on time, always shining regardless of clouds, always capable and willing.

While there are sunsets in life, there are always sunrises. Sometimes two in the same day. What a masterful inspiration of service that you are, oh Sun, my birth sign!