Songs that uplift us

The other day I went to see this gig by this singer I didn’t know. It was a free ticket, otherwise I wouldn’t have been there. It turned out her songs are mostly about rage, about strength, about lords that give and take, about duty and patriotism, about loss and sadness, about hurt and hardened hearts.

It’s easy to tune in and check if something resonates with you. And I instantly knew it didn’t feel good to be there. Yet, to somebody operating under a vibration lower than courage, or acceptance, or love, that feels like relief. Just be aware that this relief is positive as long as you use it as a means to climb the emotional scale.

I want more expansive songs. I want songs that uplift us well over the pain of such rigid vibrations of powerlessness. Songs that open up our world, that calm the mind and open the heart. Songs that remind us of our inner truth, that allow us to reconnect to it and the immensity that comes with it.

And so these are the songs I listen to. Authentic songs, with authentic stories. What songs do you choose to let in your experience? Are they worth singing along?