First Authentic Storytelling Training

The first Authentic Storytelling training workshop has been a success. Public speakers and entrepreneurs spent a day of activities and games about heart centred communication.

It was a day of speaker training, of heart to heart connection, of exercises to work on our authenticity when we are speaking on stage and on camera. A cozy, entertaining and intense day.

After years of experience interviewing people for my documentaries, filming speakers, speaking myself in radio, TV and stages, this new path has finally taken off. Watch the video with some of the highlights.

The students loved it

This is the feedback that I’ve been getting of the workshop and the main game that we played in the afternoon:

  • It was fun and transformational
  • It was a good vehicle for a confidence boost
  • Safe environment to be able to express myself freely
  • I took away key techniques for public speaking and the power of the language we use
  • Albert’s expertise was great to watch and see how people developed with coaching

It has been an important milestone in my vision towards more authenticity in communication. I am looking forward to growing and evolving my speaker training. I am working on it already. Keep tuned.