Eye contact

I remember those dark times after I lost the light of infancy and before I accepted myself, when it was hard to look in the eye at certain people. Those people with piercing looks, who made me feel like they saw me as I really was, naked from those layers of fabricated fabulousness that I was so obsessed in putting on me.

Eye contact is one of the simplest ways of making connection with another being. A human, an animal. It’s so powerful and, because of the power of that candid connection, so difficult to keep if we’re not authentic.

If I want to check someone’s level of authenticity, I look them in their eyes for a long period. Just look. And see if they can keep that connection or they look away.

If you want to check your own level of authenticity, look in the mirror, directly into your eyes. Keep it there for a minute. See your essence, your innocence, your true self. Feel the power of your being. Connect to it. Find your authenticity.