Multicam Video Podcast

Everywhere I travel I take my mobile filming kit with me. It’s light, it’s quick to use and it records video and audio in very good quality. And everywhere I travel I look for speakers, entrepreneurs, inspirers to interview for my Authentic Storytelling podcast.

If you wonder how I film my multi-camera interviews and edit the highlight videos you’ve seen me share, I’ve just created a new online course just for you! And you can only get it this week as part of the Podcaster’s Kit 2019. This means that you’ll receive access to my course and 50 others!

If you interview your guests in person, film your video podcast using more than one camera. It will be more dynamic and you can repurpose your content. Edit snippets to make short 1-minute videos with highlights that you can share in social media again and again. Get automatic transcriptions of those highlights that you can use as blog posts.

With this course you’ll learn what gear you need to do this (I use 1 smartphone and 1 GoPro), how to set up the recording, how to get good audio, how to edit the multicam clips together, how to publish it, get an automatic transcription and edit multiple snippets with automatic subtitles.