Burning the old to allow the new


We’ve welcome the summer. And with it, life is at its peak. Warmth, insects; nature is in movement. In my homeland Catalonia we have the “Revetlla de Sant Joan”, on the night of the 23rd of June, when we welcome the season of the God Sun with fireworks, bonfires, reunions, sweets and cava. My celebration of the longest day of the year involved writing a list of aspects that I was ready to let go of.

Thank you for serving me until now, I now release you, old emotions, and feed you to the fire so that it transmutes you into new, more positive aspects. The magic of fire that turns a palpable, physical energy into a less observable form of vibration; heat and smoke.

This list was full of stories I had been running for a while. They were not authentic. They were stories carried for years, stories of my programmed machine, not my true self. And I kept them alive, because I thought these stories were me.

I now declare that I am who I declare I am. I deliberately create and run the story I choose. I am the director of the film called My Life.