Instagrammers behind the scenes

They filmed it in LA, I edited it between NY and London. There was this snow storm in New York, so my flight back to London was cancelled. What could I do? Well, that's why this video has been filmed in Los Angeles, and edited between JFK airport, a Virgin Atlantic plane and London. WATCH … Continue reading Instagrammers behind the scenes

Where do I get great music for my videos?

No, you're not the only one wondering where to get the best music to use legally in your videos. Notice I highlight legally, because you can't use the last album you bought in iTunes. Not without breaking a few rules and being taken down by YouTube and Facebook. And we don't want that. Did you … Continue reading Where do I get great music for my videos?

Make Video Magic

Did I tell you I'm starting an online video editing course? Did you know that 4x as many people prefer to watch a video instead of reading about your product? And that we remember 10% of what we read but 50% of what we see and hear? Video is not the future of the … Continue reading Make Video Magic

Sweating in the editing room

So, this one looked pretty easy, right? I've got the brief, I've got the requirements and some of the assets. Get young, semi-professional sportspeople under heavy sun. Well, I was about to discover the delights of image researchers. This is the final advert after 8 revisions. The music track was a hit, the first candidate was perfect. But stock footage libraries are … Continue reading Sweating in the editing room

Dancing for the Queen

No, I haven't danced for her majesty. But hundreds of people around the UK did a few weeks ago when London celebrated Queen Elizabeth II belated birthday (it is actually in April). The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the many institutions that have the Queen as her patron, so they coordinated the dancing that took place … Continue reading Dancing for the Queen

From Cannes to the world through London

It is an exciting interconnected world. Last week took place the Cannes Lions advertising festival. A team of MEC was visiting it and recording their discoveries with Seenit in their smartphones. In the meantime, in London, there I was receiving it and editing those recordings into nice short videos. And I learnt a few things from Cannes … Continue reading From Cannes to the world through London

Choir CD recording

The Pink Singers have just released their 4th CD, filled with songs that have been arranged by members of the choir themselves. So I brought my cameras to one of the recording sessions in ENO's Lilian Baylis House. Here's the story of the day. I must have been overexcited, because I filmed so much footage that I … Continue reading Choir CD recording

Saturated paradise, very fast

This is a timelapse video I filmed last summer in Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park. A seven days hike gave us some very beautiful scenery, as always. This used to be my favourite place on Earth. It's paradise for hikers, climbers and nature-lovers. In this video I could experiment with some plugins to try and give it … Continue reading Saturated paradise, very fast

Thank you river for the water

Every year, hundreds of Londoners gather in the Thai Buddapadipa temple to celebrate the Loy Krathong. During this festival, people pay respects to the river for the water we use. Many Thais and foreigners come for the shows, the ceremony and, of course, the food. The magnificent Buddhapadipa temple, in Wimbledon, is usually a … Continue reading Thank you river for the water

Peace and wisdom

To drink tea is to meditate? Check my latest product video. In this crazy accelerated world it's very easy to lose connection with ourselves. Meditation is an ancient tool available to everybody to anchor and feel the present. Maybe drinking Bodhi Tea will help in that matter. This is what I've suggested in my latest … Continue reading Peace and wisdom