Instagrammers behind the scenes

They filmed it in LA, I edited it between NY and London. There was this snow storm in New York, so my flight back to London was cancelled. What could I do? Well, that’s why this video has been filmed in Los Angeles, and edited between JFK airport, a Virgin Atlantic plane and London.

Instagrammers are good speakers

But seriously, it’s such a pleasure to cut soundbites of good speakers. And these teen Instagrammers with millions of followers (jealous) have definitely good communication skills. It makes me rethink about social media. And human beauty.

Talking about beauty. These are the most beautiful subtitles I’ve ever made. I love it when I have to do style archeology and replicate a brand’s style from scratch. And I hate it at the same time, because I never know if the client will be able to tell the original work from the replica.