Where do I get great music for my videos?

No, you’re not the only one wondering where to get the best music to use legally in your videos.

Notice I highlight legally, because you can’t use the last album you bought in iTunes. Not without breaking a few rules and being taken down by YouTube and Facebook. And we don’t want that.

Did you notice how the transitions coincide with the musical beats? Some of them have an extra whoosh sound effect to highlight the movement. And after the intro, the fast-paced main title sequence is cut to the beat nearly mathematically, adding a nice half-way separator after the 4th bar of music, with a splash of water and some metal.

Where did I get the music? Keep reading.

Number of tracks: 4
Sources: AudioJungle and Audioblocks

Let’s review the music tracks

Track 1 is going to be the signature music track for Minkky Meets World YouTube channel, so we took time to select it. We browsed hundreds of tracks at AudioJungle until we had 3 candidates and we chose this one. For the tempo, the strings, and specially the light-hearted and happy-go-lucky mood.
AudioJungle is a good resource for medium-to-high quality music at an affordable price, that range from $15 to $30 per track. It’s also royalty-free, which means that once you’ve paid for a track and used it in a video project, you have the right to distribute that video project everywhere (mostly) without paying royalties. Check the licensing for details before you buy.

Track 2 is the longest background track in the video. It’s from Audioblocks, just like the next tracks. Generally speaking, this site contains low-to-medium quality music, with the advantage that it offers a yearly $149 flat-rate that allow you to use the entire library in as many projects as you like. I never use music from this site as the presentation music for a project, because it’s not good enough for me and because it’s not unique (there is so many people using that very same track in other videos). But it’s OK to use it as secondary or background music.

Track 3 is what I call a mood-breaker song. I use it for about 50 seconds only and it has a very different tone. Its function is to serve as a separator between chapters, and to accompany a singular passage in the video: the fun silly moment. We couldn’t use it for too long because it doesn’t match the general intended mood of the video (and it would be too heavy to bear with for more than a minute). But it gives the audience the right trampolin to jump straight into the ending song, which is…

Track 4, the sweet ending tune. Such a contrast from the previous chapter! Nice, soothing words to finish the day in a warm blanket, and mellow music to kiss you good night.

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