Sweating in the editing room

So, this one looked pretty easy, right? I’ve got the brief, I’ve got the requirements and some of the assets. Get young, semi-professional sportspeople under heavy sun. Well, I was about to discover the delights of image researchers.

This is the final advert after 8 revisions. The music track was a hit, the first candidate was perfect. But stock footage libraries are quite limited when it comes to variety, I found out.

Of course, it all comes to being precise in your search. But sometimes it’s difficult to describe accurately that image that you imagine in your head. Yes, of course Thesaurus come handy. I find that usually language is not enough. And not just when you’re putting feelings or emotions into words. Also images that, in turn, express emotions.

Great exercise nonetheless. Hey, and I’m enjoying colour grading more and more! Soon I might even get good at this.