Multi-cam filming to the music

Filming a multi-camera concert is exciting! Specially when you have the proper live video production truck with all available gear and tool. It’s another story to have 5 independent cameras scattered around the Cadogan Hall in London while filming a choir concert. Yep.

You don’t have intercom, so you can’t give real-time directions to your camera crew. You can’t see every camera at the same time. Basically, what I did was run between cameras to check they were on the right shots.

It was very important to give clear directions before the actual concert. The directions were: you stick to filming this side of the choir. No zooms while filming (only quick adjusting zooms to re-frame). Don’t stay on a super wide shot, because there is the fixed camera that covers that.

I have to get better in those directions, and then keep checking they’re being followed. Overall it was an exciting shooting. But I didn’t get to enjoy the concert until I got to the editing room. That’s the view I like! All 5 cameras at my disposal at all times for me to pick. 80% satisfying, 10% challenging, 10% exhilaration.