Let’s work together

One of my professional goals is to build a team that I can trust. Meeting new people is something I enjoy a lot, and I find that a team works better when you’re not only colleagues, but friends.

Last Saturday I had the chance to work for the first time with Hèctor Solé, an outstanding and insultingly young cameraman based in London. We already knew each other, so you could say we were already friends. But we had never actually worked in a shared project. This time we did. And it was a pleasure.

As soon as he arrived at the Tate Modern with his massive Panasonic P2 camera and backpack we started calibrating it with my smaller Panasonic cam. Hèctor is a lover of the image, he loves the technical side and he knows perfectly how to set it up in order to get the most beautiful image. He knows the details, and I knew instantly I could trust him with it all.

When it comes to directing, I usually have a very clear idea of the final product, and I know instantly when new ideas fit into this goal I have already produced in my head. Putting it in plain word, sometimes I can be a bit bossy. But during the event my admired cameraman was absolutely flexible and happy with my idea of the documentary video we were filming.

When two professionals get along this well, it’s a shame not to take advantage. Let’s work together, I say!