Cameo and collaborative video

Last weekend I used Cameo to create a video that got 3000 views in 24 hours. On Saturday a public demonstration took place in Greenwich, London. Lots of Catalans formed a huge human V asking for democracy, to show that they want to vote to be independent from Spain.

This was a great opportunity to use Cameo for the first time. I love Vimeo, and wanted to try this for a long time. But since I don’t make home videos I couldn’t find an excuse.

3 people made this video together. I like the collaborative dimension Cameo gives to instant video creation. The cons are that you’ve got to have a good internet connection in your smartphone. When you record a shot (of up to 6 seconds) it is instantly uploaded, so any further editing is done at the server.

I’m busy with another project and I didn’t have time to edit at my studio, so I chose the “pre-made” option. Cameo lets you choose a title, a song and a theme. You only have to shoot, put the clips in the right order (yours and those your contributors filmed) and tap “share”. Your phone is your studio.

With that, we had a nice video a few minutes after the event ended. The result is not bad. What do you think?