A thousand cameras at Mindshare’s Huddle

Last summer I learned about a smartphone app that allowed you to co-create video. I tried it to film as a contributor, and it made me immediately fall in love… I’ll tell you the rest of the love story in the next post. Suffice it to say that I regularly work with Seenit now as a video editor, and yesterday we all co-created video at the Mindshare’s Huddle event.

The Huddle is a day full of collaborative discussion forums about the future of media. Understanding “media” in a broad meaning, as everything that has to do with communicating something through a channel is media. As I saw it, it was about online video, marketing and advertising, apps, collaborative stuff and cool techie things. Really fun.

But the truth is I couldn’t pay much attention because I was helping Seenit make this video (featured at The Drum). This one and 6 more videos that were being shown in the very event in near-real time. How could this be possible? This is the magic behind the platform. It allows everyone with a smartphone to become a crew member and film whatever they want. These are the thousand cameras. The footage is automatically uploaded to the studio, where the video editor in charge (me, in this case) can choose and download the clips.

I want to pay Seenit the attention it deserves, so I’ll write about it again shortly.