I am joy (book promo)

My joyous friend Moni Rodriguez is publishing her book this summer, and she wanted to create a trailer to promote it. She had the idea and the place, and so we met at Regent’s Park, London. When I arrived she had written beautiful ideas on her notebook. This was her story, and this was the place where it started.

After listening to it, I helped her polish it, simplify it into powerful and precise words. This is what I do best: taking a good story and making it great. Her story was wonderful, and I had a vision of a beautiful progression from doubt to joy.

And off we went to shoot. I coached her while recording the voiceover (that we didn’t use, in the end), and in the delivery of the narration while on camera. Only using my iPhone 6s on my gimbal Zhiyun Smooth 4, we filmed everything in under 2 hours. The microphone Rode SmartLav+ she had was connected to an old iPhone 4s, and it recorded non-stop. Well, OK, there are also 2 shots from a GoPro Hero 4.

I sent her a link to my music library and she chose some tracks. The rest was synching, editing, colour grading and adding some visual and sound effects.

The result is totally beautiful, and her book is going to be a success. You can get the first chapter for free.