Have you Seenit?

Collaborative video makes you powerful. Imagine deploying a film crew at the other side of the globe (or around it) and receiving in near real-time all the footage in your studio. That’s what Seenit does and it’s cool.

I discovered them in the Pride in London last summer, they invited everybody to film their day. With the footage, they were showing compilation videos in Trafalgar square. Barely minutes after they were filmed.

I’ve been working with Seenit for some months now, and in this time we’ve created a wide range of collaborative videos.  From videos of film premieres to the life of professional athletes competing in British Athletics.

Yesterday we were editing the highlights of an event that took place in Singapore. From London. Technology is amazing when used well. And in the one year that Seenit has been around they seem to know how to use it creatively. Well done. It feels good to be a part of it.