Crowd-filming a choir festival in Mallorca

A few days ago I was in the Balearic islands during the Mallorca Gay Chorus Festival. Apart from producing the concerts for the Pink Singers, I made the official film of the event, that you can see here.

I used Seenit, so that singers and audience could film using their smartphones. The turnout has been awesome: 44 people filmed 275 clips. More than 5 hours of raw footage I condensed in 10 minutes of film featuring both performances and behind-the-scenes moments.

And yes, I made up that word. If there’s such a genre as “found footage”, we can say “crowd-filming” (and it sounds better than “crowdsourced film”). The first one is for collage films, made using footage that was not intended to be used in an actual film (excluding mockumentaries). It should be a sub-genre of “crowd-filming”, understood as a documentary made of clips which purpose is to be used as part of a film.