Become the channel of the universal force, Aashish Rego

Aashish Rego is a music and film producer and has been composing music for films and TV series in India for years.

Where does intuition come from? How do you build human connection through music and film? For him, the human senses are only useful for forming opinions through our limited mind.

But we have the infinite potential to feel through our soul, and the soul is infinite and is connected and linked to all the energy in the universe.

I ask him how can we be more authentic storytellers.

The biggest issues in life is being disconnected with our own selves. So when we are connected with ourselves, we build a channel, we become the channel by which the universe passes its force to you.

Watch the full conversation between storytellers Aashish Rego and Albert Bonet.

About the path to real connection:

How do people connect normally? Normally by surrendering, by trusting, by loving.

Aashish says his aim as a storyteller is:

to alleviate the distrust, the mistrust that people have for anyone or anything that’s different from them. Because I am just another you, and you’re just another me.

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Read the full transcript:

ALBERT: So here I am with Aashish Rego from India. He’s a music and film producer, and we’ve been connecting the last few days here in Kuala Lumpur for these crazy courses that we’re doing.
AASHISH: Highly crazy
ALBERT: Hi Aashish, how are you doing?
AASHISH: Great, how are you?
ALBERT: I’m good. It’s been great to be working with you in the last few days. You’re just so heart centered and so calm under pressure all the time, and I feel I have to learn that.
AASHISH: And you’re so professional, and it was an absolute delight to work with you. Collaborating with you in the project we did together. It was totally amazing. And I think we rocked it.
ALBERT: Yeah, we rocked it! Us and all the other forty people, right?
AASHISH: Absolutely
ALBERT: It was great, thank you for that. So, were talking about intuition and I want to bring that to the field of authenticity. So of course animals are the most authentic they can be because they don’t have rationality that makes them act in a way that they look good, that they’re right, they’re in control, right?
AASHISH: I would say they don’t have unnecessary baggage.
ALBERT: Unnecessary baggage. And so they’re connected with their intuition.
ALBERT: What were you telling me about the source of intuition for humans and animals?
AASHISH: Well in my experience, animals are connected from a position of fear. Humans have the ability to think much, much beyond animals and a lot of times we tend to overthink things and that complicates matters. And leads to circles within circles within circles. And we somehow lose track of the intuitive abilities within us. Whereas animals, if you just observe them, they just go around sniffing each other, then you probably get the feeling that “He’s cool, he’s ok”. And sometimes, their hackles are raised and it’s obvious that they’ve not even communicated with each other but they know the other animal knows it is in a position that is threatening to them. And so they raise their hackles.
As humans when we observe each other, we observe through our eyes, the nose, the five senses. We form our opinions based on that, through our mind, which is limited in nature.
But we have the infinite potential to feel through our soul, and the soul is infinite and is connected and linked to all the energy in the universe. That is how we get hunches, and why certain feelings that we get sometimes when we meet a person we can still be vulnerable to them.  So that is the feeling of intuition we have at times. And there is the other intuition which comes from knowledge and wisdom. And a third level further than that which is awareness.
ALBERT: Awareness?
AASHISH: Awareness.  Awareness means awareness of the truth, for it is the truth that shall set you free.  So it is that awareness that humans have, which in my opinion, is different from what animals do. And much more positive, powerful and infinite potential.
ALBERT:  And so when it comes to touching people’s souls… because we have this barrier that the human mind sets, protecting us from what we perceive as dangers, how do we transcend this barrier and get into our essence? What is the best way to move through your music, your films, what is your best way to move?
AASHISH: The best way to move is to firstly have something to say. And when you have something to say, you say it in a way that resonates and connects with people. There are so many movies that we have seen that have inspired us over the ages and touched a part of us. And we cry, we get emotionally connected, we laugh. We feel those big emotions within us. Those movies have something to say to us.  They are not superficial. There are loads of movies out there which are blockbusters but probably don’t emotionally connect. We can view them with a part of the mind but the movies that are timeless are those which connect emotionally to you because at any point in time civilisation would watch those movies and connect. So in my opinion, firstly, to have something to say. Secondly, say it in a way to connects emotionally.
ALBERT: How?  How do we connect authentically? You as a film producer, as a music composer and producer, what tools, what ways do you use to build this connection for one heart to another and bypass this block that our minds create?
AASHISH: Okay. How do people connect normally? Normally by surrendering, by trusting, by loving.
ALBERT: Okay, look at this amazing honey and avocado juice that we just ordered. Oh my gosh, with whipped cream and honey on top. I can’t not do this.
ALBERT: Hmmm. Oh my God! Hmmm!
AASHISH: Simply amazing.
ALBERT: Oh yeah. Ah! Delicious. I love avocado.
ALBERT: Divine! Connected with the universe. [laughs]
AASHISH: Absolutely [laughs]
ALBERT: So Aashish, you were telling me about being vulnerable.
ALBERT: Well the term you actually used was surrender
ALBERT: And that’s exactly what we do, when we want to connect, right? Sharing our fears, sharing our love, being authentic. Ok, my specific question is how do you do that with music?
AASHISH: Well, uh, me personally, when I see a film that connects with me, it’s not always the first thing that comes to mind, which is most effective. Because when I see a film, it invokes certain emotions in me and when I feel those emotions, it’s like translating those emotions into the language of music. Hmm. So there is a tune which brings the thoughts to mind, there is a chord I feel in that point in time. And I have a keyboard in front of me, a feeling where often, it’s that first impulse of the thought that comes to my mind, which works for me.
ALBERT: Where does that come from?
AASHISH: Well I say the universe because that thought wasn’t there in my mind. It came from somewhere; it didn’t come from within this so it’s being connected at that point in time to yourself. If I am connected with myself, I am connected with everything around me.
AASHISH: The biggest issues in life is being disconnected with your own selves. So when we are connected with ourselves, we build a channel, we become the channel by which the universe passes its force to you.
And emotions are sometimes the greatest trigger for being the channel. And allowing ourselves to feel at that point. Not resisting those feelings and suppressing them because they are still within you, struggling to come out. So what I would say is the ability to feel for one point in time and be aware of our feelings at the same time.
ALBERT: What do you think about horror movies?
AASHISH: Horror movies evoke certain feelings in us and those feelings are probably, in my opinion, the darker feelings. The feeling of fear. Most often fear because that is what horror is about.
Yeah, exactly!
AASHISH: So horror movies also bring out the fear which is within you and help you overcome that fear.
ALBERT: So you think horror movies help people overcome their fears?
AASHISH: Specially people who are scared of horror movies.
ALBERT: [laughs] Really?
AASHISH: Yeah, because what do you see at the end of the horror movie? I mean, you see the reality, you see the truth
AASHISH: You see there is nothing to be afraid about.
ALBERT: Not all horror movies have those ending though
AASHISH: Not all horror movies have those ending but if you can overcome a fear of the situation that you are faced with in a movie and feel that in that point in time, then it helps you overcome certain fears in real life.
So it’s like passing through a stage. If you see a person who says “I’m scared of horror movies. I don’t want to see one”, you should go in and see it.
ALBERT: Yes! Thank you.
AASHISH: Amazing
ALBERT: Amazing. Thank you. I am telling you this hummus is delicious. Help yourself anytime you want.
ALBERT: [laughs]
AASHISH: So I believe that people should go and do exactly what they are afraid of.
AASHISH: So I’m not scared of horror movies so I don’t see much anymore unless they reach another level of scary.
ALBERT: Uh-huh
AASHISH: So, but as long as you believe that there is good all around us and this is just an aspect, where there is light, there is darkness, then everything should be fine.
ALBERT: And so we say that, horror movies can also build this connection, build this pathway between us and awareness, which is, as you said, the gateway to intuition?
AASHISH: Yes, because sometimes we are angry when we are aware of our fears
ALBERT: So true
AASHISH: And we need to move beyond those fears. When you face those fears, and because awareness comes from a place of light and fear comes from a place of darkness. So in order to move from the darkness to the light we need to pass through those fears and then move towards the light.
So what I say, the first thing that all of us should do is face our fears. We move beyond them and we are become more powerful. We’ve got an extra layer of shield on us. We like this, that’s one less fear to deal with.
ALBERT: And those fears, those layers, that block us from showing how we truly are, is what actually stop us from being truly authentic.
ALBERT: And then all those layers of fears is what is in the way between two people to really connect
AASHISH: Yes, because trust cannot be built on fear
ALBERT: Trust cannot be built on fear
AASHISH: And if we meet someone and we are afraid of them, then that actually is something within us, that is not personally. In fact, it has nothing to do with them. And animals react the same way as humans. If there is a human who is scared of the animal, then an animal’s ears puck up.
AASHISH: And the animal will think why is this human scared of me? Does he mean me harm? And then most dogs will chase you. If you notice wild dogs will chase you if you are afraid of them. But if you go up to the dog, look him in the eye, and have only love within you, I don’t think there would be any animal who would attack you.
ALBERT: That’s very interesting what you’re saying. That reminds me of a baggage I collected, uhh, about a year ago. Let me explain. So I know that you have five dogs and seventeen cats, am I right?
Five dogs and seventeen cats?! Wow. You were just telling me earlier that you can learn so much from observing animals. So a year ago, I was beaten by a stray dog in Thailand and I’ve never been afraid of dogs or cats. And from that point on, I find myself wary whenever I approach a dog. So what you’re saying now if that if I am afraid when approaching a dog, they will sense it. What can I do? How can I get over that fear?
AASHISH: I don’t know if you have heard the story of Buddha and the mad elephant?
AASHISH: So there was this mad elephant that was running amok on the outskirts of the city. And the Buddha was entering the city at that point in time and the people running helter skelter everywhere. And while the Buddha was approaching the city, the people came up to him and said “There is a mad elephant who’s terrorising everyone and he is coming right into your path. Move aside or you will be trampled with them.”
But the Buddha just smiled and went on his path. Everyone else ran to the side, including his followers. And the mad elephant was running wildly towards the Buddha. Everyone thought that the Buddha would be trampled. And the Buddha just smiled at the elephant and blessed him. The elephant running full tilt stopped in his tracks just before the Buddha. The Buddha looked into his eyes and the elephant kneeled down and prostrated before the Buddha.
ALBERT: Wooooow!
AASHISH: So that is the power the goodness and trust within you. Now when you see the goodness in all around you, when you see the goodness in that animal, when you empathise with the pain that the animal had felt in that point in time, why does an animal become mad? Why do people become mad? Because it’s the surroundings, the circumstances you have been through. They’ve been through such, such pain. And it’s that pain that which makes them grow so mad. And the Budha understood that. All the Budha had for the animal was love and if we understand that and are not afraid, I don’t think that there would be any animal that would attack us.
ALBERT: That is very powerful. [laughs] Thank you for that. Unconditional love
AASHISH: Unconditional love
ALBERT: Unconditional love
AASHISH: Because in my opinion we are just energy and energy just changes form. The problem is that we are too attached to this human body and we think that this all there is but, in my opinion, the truth is much bigger than that. We are much bigger than this human body.
ALBERT: So ultimately it’s seeing beyond this physical form and seeing the essence in every being.
AASHISH: Absolutely. Recognising greatness in everyone that we meet.
ALBERT: Recognising greatness in everyone we meet
AASHISH: We often have filters on our eyes which prevent us from seeing greatness in people and the lenses that we have sometimes just enable us to focus on the darker form in people, in their weakness. I would suggest changing those lenses and focusing on the points which help you see the greatness in everyone around you.
Every form of life has greatness in it. The plant that grows, that sustains you, has greatness in it. Because without that plant we would not be. The animal that provides you such love. When I go home I feel so loved, when I go to office I feel so loved. Because I’ve got them at both places. And when my dogs lick my face, it’s a beautiful feeling. It’s like just saying “I love you”. And the more times you have people say I love you in a day and you feel loved, the more love you will be able to give. Because if you do not feel loved, how can you give love that you don’t have?
ALBERT: Well what I am taking away from everything that you’re telling me is that in order to connect in a real, deep way with humans being face to face, being mediated, through media, through music, is to really connect with your own love then you will recognise that love in everything around you.
AASHISH: Absolutely. And it’s most important for every filmmaker, to have something they are really, really passionate and they want to say it.
ALBERT: What is your message? What is your purpose?
AASHISH: My purpose in life is one world, one people, irrespective of species, age, religion, sex, colour, nationality. It’s understanding the oneness through here. And expressing that through any form is what I aim to do. I aim to alleviate the distrust, the mistrust that people have for anyone or anything that’s different from them. Because I am just another you, and you’re just another me. We just in a different form and all we need to do is understand that. When you feel pain, I feel pain. When I feel pain, you feel pain. Feeling that empathy and pain of every living form around you, and being able to do that, is something which I feel which would make this world a much much better place. And as we say “heaven on earth”, that is heaven is on earth. We just need to find it.
ALBERT: Aashish Rego, thank you very much.
AASHISH: It’s been a pleasure
ALBERT: I love you
AASHISH: I love you too