Crowd-filming a choir festival in Mallorca

A few days ago I was in the Balearic islands during the Mallorca Gay Chorus Festival. Apart from producing the concerts for the Pink Singers, I made the official film of the event, that you can see here. I used Seenit, so that singers and audience could film using their smartphones. The turnout has been awesome: 44 people … Continue reading Crowd-filming a choir festival in Mallorca

Eating roses

For some time now I've been filming roses. Beautiful. Delicious. This is "The Cuisine of Roses", a food festival in a town very near Barcelona that's well known for creating and growing new kinds of roses. I've been taking care of the communication of this event since it started, from the graphic design to the … Continue reading Eating roses

Dolphin killers

In Japan they kill 20,000 dolphins every year. A few months ago hundreds of people gathered in London to protest against this slaughter. And this is the film I made about it, "Red Cove": The protest was organized by the Dolphin Project, led by Ric O'Barry. Thanks to this I learned about the documentaries "The Cove" and "Blackfish", … Continue reading Dolphin killers

Have you Seenit? Collaborative video makes you powerful. Imagine deploying a film crew at the other side of the globe (or around it) and receiving in near real-time all the footage in your studio. That's what Seenit does and it's cool. I discovered them in the Pride in London last summer, they invited everybody to film their day. With … Continue reading Have you Seenit?

The Hobbit premiere: to be or not to be?

On Monday the world premiere of the last Hobbit movie took place in London. I was there... but I wasn't. Anyways, this is the resulting work. It's a short video made using the Seenit platform. Thanks to their online studio, just two people with their smartphones could film and immediately upload the footage they got at Leicester Square. … Continue reading The Hobbit premiere: to be or not to be?

Shooting a contemporary bird

Filming a dance performance is fun. Specially if you haven't seen it beforehand and you don't know the movements. It's like  shooting a bird (with your camera) performing an erratic flight. This is Nuno Fado, a gig from portuguese singer and dancer Nuno Silva that I filmed. Of course, before starting, you have to check the … Continue reading Shooting a contemporary bird

A thousand cameras at Mindshare’s Huddle

Last summer I learned about a smartphone app that allowed you to co-create video. I tried it to film as a contributor, and it made me immediately fall in love... I'll tell you the rest of the love story in the next post. Suffice it to say that I regularly work with Seenit now as a video … Continue reading A thousand cameras at Mindshare’s Huddle

Silent demonstrations

Last week a quiet demonstration took place in the Spanish embassy. A group of Catalans asked, yet again, to be allowed to vote in a referendum about the independence of Catalonia from Spain. I was meant to be a very quiet demonstration. Silent, in fact. A few posters, a voting ballot inside a cage... and a … Continue reading Silent demonstrations

The Colours of Thailand

Recently, the Thai embassy organised a weekend event in Westfield shopping centre, London. Under the title of "The Colours of Thailand" visitors could enjoy the shows of Thai music, dance, martial arts, gastronomy and fashion. I made a video for Bodhi Tea, a company that produces Thai herbal teas and showed them off in this festival. I used … Continue reading The Colours of Thailand

V for Video

I've just directed a film that was shot all around the world, without moving from London. I've received more than 10 hours of raw footage in 100Gb of data. The film "La V al món" (The V around the world) shows how thousands of Catalans make public demonstrations in dozens of countries. It's the prelude to the huge … Continue reading V for Video