I was a celebrity

Last week I visited my hometown, near Barcelona. On Saturday night I went to the bar, to attend the poetry festival that was taking place. The atmosphere grabbed my attention. This environment I had been away from for 6 years. While waiting for my friend, I stood there observing every detail. The gestures of people … Continue reading I was a celebrity

Beautifying yourself and products, Bernard Paes

Bernard Paes is an Entrepreneur and Creative Director. In his many years living in Dubai, he was managing his own advertising company. We discuss how authentic advertising is. How much "makeup" a fizzy drink advert needs in order to sell. There is a certain amount of makeup to beautify yourself in front of people or … Continue reading Beautifying yourself and products, Bernard Paes

I couldn’t keep functioning in my old conditioning, Hana Sim

Hana Sim is Orgasmic Meditation Trainer and Relationship Coach from South Korea. She says she used to be a floating head, having spent most of her life in universities, doing Masters and a PhD. I ask her how can we more authentic in our storytelling when most people are in their heads. Hana explains how … Continue reading I couldn’t keep functioning in my old conditioning, Hana Sim

The need for entertainment

Hiking in the snow

I read that the Norwegian arrived first at the South Pole in 1911 because, unlike the British expedition, they had a joker in their team. Somebody who kept the spirits high, who united the group along the hardships of the mission. That person was the cook, Adolf Lindstrom. That makes me think of the role … Continue reading The need for entertainment

Become the channel of the universal force, Aashish Rego

Aashish Rego is a music and film producer and has been composing music for films and TV series in India for years. Where does intuition come from? How do you build human connection through music and film? For him, the human senses are only useful for forming opinions through our limited mind. But we have … Continue reading Become the channel of the universal force, Aashish Rego

Hello everybody

One day I'll look back to these lines and I will remember where I was when I wrote them. We humans are like that, we give meaning to every single thing in our lives. And so we create stories around meaning. And we tell them. And we share them with others for all sorts of … Continue reading Hello everybody

Multi-cam filming to the music

Filming a multi-camera concert is exciting! Specially when you have the proper live video production truck with all available gear and tool. It's another story to have 5 independent cameras scattered around the Cadogan Hall in London while filming a choir concert. Yep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUKcTgvKz4o You don't have intercom, so you can't give real-time directions to … Continue reading Multi-cam filming to the music

Instagrammers behind the scenes

They filmed it in LA, I edited it between NY and London. There was this snow storm in New York, so my flight back to London was cancelled. What could I do? Well, that's why this video has been filmed in Los Angeles, and edited between JFK airport, a Virgin Atlantic plane and London. WATCH … Continue reading Instagrammers behind the scenes

Where do I get great music for my videos?

No, you're not the only one wondering where to get the best music to use legally in your videos. Notice I highlight legally, because you can't use the last album you bought in iTunes. Not without breaking a few rules and being taken down by YouTube and Facebook. And we don't want that. https://youtu.be/WBoXJrdMc3M Did you … Continue reading Where do I get great music for my videos?

Make Video Magic

Did I tell you I'm starting an online video editing course? https://vimeo.com/225863693 Did you know that 4x as many people prefer to watch a video instead of reading about your product? And that we remember 10% of what we read but 50% of what we see and hear? Video is not the future of the … Continue reading Make Video Magic